July 17, 2018

PPC—The Secret Weapon Behind Montgomery Steele’s Constant Growth

Sam Lloyd

Think PPC campaigns are only for big businesses with deep pockets? Think again. Smart PPC ads regularly move the needle for many of our savvy clients without costing a fortune. And for those like Montgomery Steele, PPC is a game changer.

PPC and organic—different routes, same destination

Montgomery Steele came to us as a startup with virtually nothing in the way of digital marketing assets. These guys needed results yesterday, meaning they could not afford to wait for their organic search rankings to crawl their way onto the front page.

For any new business in the same position, we’re big on the value of PPC to supplement leads while waiting for an increase in organic rankings.

For Montgomery Steele in particular, we determined that paying $1500 for a new case would provide ROI and allow our clients to grow as a firm. With this in mind, we worked backward to build a PPC strategy and campaign that would deliver those clients.

To make a long story short, our client’s PPC campaign was so successful that we had to turn PPC off because Montgomery Steele was totally swamped with new cases.

PPC, part of a well-balanced marketing campaign

We’re always harping on creating full marketing ecosystems, and neither PPC nor organic are usually enough on their own to carry your business. All of these pieces work together in harmony to deliver big results—check back soon for an update on Montgomery Steele’s organic rankings.

Start winning.

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