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November 11th Results Report

“WOW.” Dr. Majeroni can’t believe his insane results

Key stat
Majeroni Orthodontics gets insane growth from organic and local search after back-to-back blockbuster years.

Who is Dr. Majeroni?

Dr. Majeroni is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s top orthodontists. His revolutionary approach to orthodontics and his elite talent only needed an awe-inspiring brand to match.

Klicker enhanced and rebuilt Dr. Majeroni’s digital brand, complete with a brand new site, content, and on-page search optimization.

How much is Dr. Majeroni dominating?

Dr. Majeroni already had tons of patients due to word of mouth, but he was in for a shock when our digital leads started flowing in.

Here’s how we win for Dr. Majeroni:

  • Traffic: 3x increase in web traffic, primarily local and organic
  • Leads: 80% increase in hot leads with a 9% site conversion rate
  • Sales: 40% more patients per month

With Klicker, Dr. Majeroni went from being busy to booked solid. Why don’t we get your business booked solid, too?

“I thought I was hallucinating after seeing how much ROI I was getting from Klicker. With our new website, we couldn’t believe how many new patients were booking appointments. We really couldn’t be any busier than we are right now.”


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