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Localized is what every marketing agency on the planet would be doing if they realized how important Google Maps really is for local businesses. It’s a pretty big deal.

Localized puts you in front of customers who want to buy NOW. Nearly 90% of customers who search for a local business on their phone end up calling or visiting that business in the next 24 hours. If it’s not your business, it’s your competitor’s. Let’s make it yours.


Here's what we'll do for you.

Google My Business Optimization

We'll create and optimize your local listings to be relevant and successful in your entire service area.

Citation Building

We'll show Google you’re a real business using directories, review sites and data aggregators. The result? You at the top of Google maps.

Reviews +

Social proof and search signals, all in one. We'll set you up to get better reviews and get more reviews.

Structured Data Integration

We'll get your site using proper SCHEMA markup so search engines and other sites can distribute your info all over the web.


Not to brag, but we have a perfect track record. Over the past few years, we’ve doubled, tripled, even quadrupled leads for our select clients. Check out some projects below.

Davis & Sanchez gets 2X more leads and expands offices as a result.


We were able to get a second office because of Klicker. Our lead volume and quality skyrocketed after they took over our digital efforts.

Jacob Hill

Manager @ D & S

Monument Immigration goes from startup to superhero.


Because of Klicker, I went from no leads to hot leads coming in on a daily basis. Without Klicker, I wouldn't be where I am.

Mark Naugle

Founder @ Monument

Montgomery Steele leap frogs their competitors with better digital marketing.


Klicker redid our entire digital strategy including our website. We started getting hot leads just days after the new site was launched and things have continued to expand.

JT Steele

Partner @ M & S

Trenton Jones, MD enjoys 4X more leads and tons of new patients.


I never had any real success getting leads and new clients from online efforts... until Klicker. The Klicker team created everything and now I'm getting hot leads daily.

Trenton Jones

Owner @ Cascade

Uptown Puppies goes from concept to venture funded.


I've assembled an amazing team at Klicker, what else can be said. Because of the Klicker team, Uptown Puppies grew beyond my wildest expectations.

Sam Lloyd

CEO @ Uptown


You probably have some questions... most people do. Good news, we have some answers.

How important is local search, really?

Over the past few years, Google has REALLY started caring about certain signals that (in there eyes) legitimizes a local business. Used to be that you could just add a fake address on your site and add your biz to Google maps for a bump in the search results, but Google is getting a lot smarter.

While their search algorithm updates definitely help to weed out businesses with fake addresses, legitimate businesses who rely on local traffic are sometimes left out in the cold.

Localized is our answer to Google’s evolution, and it aims to give our clients a fighting chance in in increasingly hostile local search environments.

Why isn’t my business on Google’s local search results?

While there’s no concrete list of what Google looks for in a local business listing, there are a couple of things we’ve found to be true as we’ve developed Localized.

Google looks for “signals” that indicate whether your company actually has a brick and mortar location at each of your local addresses. Those signals include things like reviews (REAL reviews), directory listings, and proper markup to allow your business to be found.

Even things as simple as forgetting to optimize your Google My Business account can have a huge impact on your local visibility. Localized takes care of all of that.

How does Localized generate reviews?

We use BirdEye’s text messaging service to send out requests to customers that you provide us, which prompts them to leave reviews. REAL, authentic reviews. Some agencies give fake reviews, and that’s really not good for your long term business health.

Does local optimization affect my organic search rankings?

There’s speculation on whether it does or does not. From our experience, we believe that Google does reward your organic search ranking when they receive local signals that your business is legitimate.

Can Localized REALLY double my business’ leads?

Localized is definitely a huge part of the puzzle for companies that depend on local business, that much is true. With so many marketing agencies neglecting local search (or just doing it really poorly), local search represents a real frontier and opportunity for building your business online.

Without Localized, when someone types in Your Niche + Your City, your company doesn’t show up—or if it does, it shows up at the bottom...which is the same as not showing up. That’s a huge deal, but at least now we can do something about it.

Double your leads.

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