October 9, 2018

Klicker is Named a Leading 2018 Agency on Clutch!

Sam Lloyd

Each year, B2B market research firm and their content-based sister site, The Manifest release a list of the leading digital marketing agencies across a wide range of industries. Our team at Klicker has dominated a handful of Clutch’s most competitive research segments: digital marketing, branding, naming, content marketing, and full-service digital agencies in both of our locations – Denver and San Diego.

While we are honored to rank highly on all of these categories, we are especially honored to announce that Klicker has been listed on Clutch and The Manifest as one of the leading content marketing agencies in Denver and one of the leading content marketing agencies in San Diego!

To be held at such standards against other digital marketing companies, Klicker must be a market leader based on exceptionally demonstrated client results through independent expert reviews. An independent review implies no member of the Klicker team was present during the interview to influence the clients. To see what Klicker clients responded to these independent expert interviews about their experiences while working alongside us, please visit our profile.

Clutch aims to solve the challenge of choosing an agency to work with by guiding clients through the process. Often times, paid endorsements and sponsors make it difficult to find honest partners. At Clutch, reviews are based on real data, case studies, and client testimonials in order to provide clients with the best agency for the job. This comprehensive analysis by Clutch enables clients to receive feedback and make adjustments that will better their offered services.

San Diego and Denver are growing cities filled with smart creatives. The competition for business service companies in both San Diego and Denver and around the country is intense, which is why these firms should be extremely proud of their inclusion here,” commented Jeremy Fishman, a Business Analyst at Clutch.

Klicker offers customers an affordable alternative to the expensive “specialist” agencies that charge so much for digital content building. By developing content from the ground up, we give our clients the foundation and tools necessary to create real results. We are incredibly proud of our impressive results and the attention they have garnered for us, and we look forward to continuing this partnership with Clutch!

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