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September 22nd

Want Inbound Marketing? Here Are Your Options

Want Inbound Marketing? Here Are Your Options
Article Cliff Notes

Sticking with outbound marketing is a massive waste of resources.

In-house inbound marketing is costly and inefficient.

Hiring a big-time marketing agency is prohibitively expensive, and offers poor ROI.

Hiring an agile inbound marketing agency like Klicker offers incredible results at a fraction of the cost.

Inbound and growth marketing are hotter than a sizzling steak fajita skillet at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Just like your piping hot dinner, there can be…consequences…of grabbing hold of your company’s inbound marketing efforts with your bare hands.

Forget to wear an oven mitt, or hire an incompetent waiter to carry the goods, and you could get burned in a very, very big way.

So what are your options? Do you just forget lunch altogether?

Not a chance—especially when your competitors are just as hungry as you are. They’re finding ways to make inbound happen, and they don’t give a damn whether you screw up or not.

We don’t like screwing up. We like results. Big results. Inbound and growth marketing are how we get those results.

If you’re keen on getting BIG results for your business too, here are 4 inbound strategies other companies have tried in the past. But here’s a hint: only one of these is going to deliver your lunch on time.

1. Don’t do inbound marketing.

The equivalent of going on a hunger strike instead of devouring that fajita platter.

Inbound marketing is hard! Why waste time retooling your marketing campaigns from tried-and-true outbound techniques? Switching gears takes time, so why bother?

This is the route most businesses take. It also kills growth.

Sticking with outbound marketing instead of making the switch to inbound is sort of like staying in a bad relationship because it’s easy.

Getting caught in the outbound marketing trap is easy because business owners convince themselves that it’s normal. Just like a bad boyfriend or girlfriend, these owners think outbound results are typical. They think their businesses can’t do better.

Well, guess what? You can do better. You can do better than endless cold calling. You can do better than costly brochures and catalogs that might never even see the light of day. You can do better than hokey TV or radio ads that cost a fortune and might not even turn a profit.

You deserve better.

Sticking to just outbound marketing is slowly smothering your business.

2. Do inbound marketing in-house.

Now we’re talking! Surely if you want some mouth-watering results, it’s better to cook ’em up in your own kitchen. Right? Anyone?

But in-house inbound marketing isn’t that simple. If you live in a van down by the river, you’re gonna have trouble cooking up a 5-star meal on a portable propane burner. A good in-house marketing team costs money. A lot of money.

Businesses who go down this path usually fall into one of two camps…

The first group hires as cheap as possible. They build a skeleton crew of inexperienced, jack-of-all-trades marketers. They pay these employees the bare minimum, and get minimal results.

Say you hire 3 people. You have a content expert, a design guru, and an SEO magician. You’re paying each of these guys/gals a monthly salary, benefits, etc. You need space in your office for them (if they’re not working remotely—but that’s a whole other can of worms, especially when your new team has ZERO synergy).

It’s cheaper to hire a catering company for your campaign than a full-time chef, line cook and dish washer.

Your costs are running in the tens of thousands of dollars by the end of the first month, and remember these guys are the CHEAPEST you can find.

“So I’ll just hire the best of the best.”

Except you can’t. True experts aren’t going to tie themselves down to a single company. These are the people with years of experience and a winning portfolio thicker than the complete Harry Potter collection.

They’re adept at working with small, lightweight teams—teams they’re able to build themselves—and have literally no incentive to drop anchor with another full-time employer again.

You can’t bait experts with a steady salary and benefits. These are people used to hunting on their own, and they’ve become apex predators in online marketing.

In short, you can’t afford to hire crack marketers as permanent members of your team. And even if you can, do you really NEED to? Would you hire an Iron Chef on a monthly retainer to make dinner once every week or so?

3. Hire a marketing agency.

Now we’re getting somewhere. However, agencies aren’t without their share of issues.

First of all, they’re expensive. If you want to get results, you have to pay to play. There’s no way around it.

Most big-time inbound marketing agencies these days are top-heavy. They’ve lost their mobility and speed as they’ve gained more clients, which necessitates hiring more and more experts to get the job done. That means they’re losing the primary advantage of being a creative agency—no bloat.

As companies gain bloat, the decision-making process can turn into a bureaucratic nightmare reminiscent of a Congressional hearing. Accountability vanishes as the can gets kicked down the line for someone else to fix.

Don’t fill up on bread sticks while you’re waiting for the main course to arrive.

Deadlines are missed. Emails go unsent. Status updates for your business run late. Profits go un-earned.

The other issue is that many agencies tackle bloat by specializing in certain aspects of inbound marketing. You have content agencies, web design companies, SEO firms, social media strategists, branding specialists, and conversion professionals.

Sometimes businesses only need a handful of these services, so hiring a specialist makes sense. But with specialization comes an increase in costs, too. Some of our past clients have told us they used to pay tens of thousands of dollars on JUST SEO every month.

Who on Earth decided that’s a good deal?

But odds are your business doesn’t JUST need SEO or content or web design. You can either go with a generalist agency or hire a few specialists, neither of which are efficient or cost-effective.

So what’s a girl to do?

4. Hire us.

Klicker was founded after asking one simple question:

“How can a marketing agency deliver the highest return on investment imaginable for its clients?”

We wanted to know how WE could make the most money, how our CLIENTS could make the most money, and how we could charge a FAIR price that works for both of us.

Klicker eliminates bloat by only hiring the best of the best in each field. Our team is lightweight and lightning-fast. We’ve spent a long time working together, and our marketing process is a well-oiled machine.

We deliver the same (or better) results as the biggest, baddest inbound marketing firms without the sky-high monthly bills. We have as much knowledge as the specialists, without the difficulty in coordinating multiple teams.

Our philosophy has always been about squeezing every last drop of value out of everything we do. That means better content, better design, better search optimization. Better everything.

Yes, we’re even more fun to work with than the other guys. That’s what my mom says, anyway.

So fun to work with!

Your competitors are getting leaner and meaner every day. They’re ditching the old ways of outbound marketing, and finding ways to make a killing online.

The train is well and truly leaving the station. Businesses who don’t embrace inbound marketing now are going to fall behind, and fall behind fast.

But enough doom and gloom. You’re hungry, and it’s dinner time. Come join as at the all-you-can-eat marketing buffet—it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and tastier than you can imagine.

I'm Sam, and I'm the founder of Klicker. My mission has always been to understand what separates the 1% of winning businesses from the 99% who never see results online. Klicker is my attempt to share these findings and organize a system to push a select few of those 99% into the 1%.

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