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December 21st

How to Craft Calls to Action That Sell

How to Craft Calls to Action That Sell
Article Cliff Notes

Your customers won’t act unless you take the lead—be bold, be direct, be precise with your CTA.

CTAs aren’t all about you. What benefit will you provide to readers who answer your call?

Even good CTAs can be improved—always, always look for ways to A/B test your copy for maximum effect.

A website without a call to action (CTA) is like a cookbook without directions. You’re handing your readers a long list of ingredients and wishing them the best of luck—but you’re not telling them to do anything.

And readers without clear direction won’t do anything.

People overlook this simple fact time and time again.

“My website is packed with delicious content and my product is superior. You all would be crazy not to want a piece of this!”
But maybe your conversion rate is abysmal, anyway.

Copywriters since the dawn of modern advertising all knew this principle, and knew it well—if you want a prospect to do something, you have to tell them. There’s no way around it.

You need a killer call to action to convert those readers and browsers into paying customers, subscriptions or leads.

Today, let’s take a look at 4 of the most basic principles to creating compelling calls to action.

1. Be Relevant, Be Helpful

Providing value to customers is the core of growth marketing, and the basis of everything we do at Klicker to help your company succeed.

Providing value to customers is the core of growth marketing, and the basis of everything we do at Klicker to help your company succeed.

In order to have an effective call to action, you must offer the visitor something that will be useful to them. Your offer should be picked very carefully and should be specific to the content on the page where it’s located.

Your offer should also be placed to appear at the most opportune time—readers should find the call when they’re most receptive to its message.

Be sure to offer something that is really of value for the visitor. Think of things that will inform, educate or simplify a visitor’s decision-making process. If you can inject your wisdom and knowledge into the reader’s thought process, you’ll naturally breed trust and authority with the user.

That means when it’s time to go to an expert for help, they’ll come to you.

2. Make Your CTA Stand Out

Batman understands exactly how to stand out.

When it comes to CTAs, bigger is better.

Most users today tend to scan through content rather than read the whole thing, so it’s important to make sure that nobody breezes by your call to action. After all, that is how you convert visitors into leads! Page-width CTAs are definitely acceptable, and in many cases preferred.

Besides building CTAs that are large and in charge, you can also draw attention to your CTAs with bright colors, large fonts or high-contrast design. Just don’t go over the top and ruin your site’s branding.

That said, you should use design elements to make your CTA pop off the page and grab attention, without being overbearing or garish.

3. Use the Right Message

When creating CTA messaging, be direct and be confident. The number one question you need to answer for the visitor is:

“What’s in it for me?”

Be sure to clearly and concisely communicate the value that you are offering. The visitor should know exactly what they’re gonna get and exactly how it’s going to help them before they enter their information.

Make sure you’re using active and actionable words in your copy.

Make sure you’re using active and actionable words in your copy. Asking someone to download an eBook, learn about an issue, or discover a new product is much more effective than simply asking someone to enter their information.

Telling someone is even better, especially when you add the element of time to the mix. Download, click, subscribe. Call NOW. Act FAST. Find out more TODAY, supplies are limited!

Implying a scarcity of either time or resources is an extremely effective tactic to add some oomph to your CTAs.

Your close is not the time to be timid. If your product is worth buying and you effectively communicate that value, people won’t have any reason to say no.

4. Test and Improve

As with most things in the marketing world, you need to try out different tactics and see what works best.

CTAs should be A/B tested to make sure you’re putting forward the best option possible.

CTAs should be A/B tested to make sure you’re putting forward the best option possible.

Google Analytics can be a powerful tool to help you test your CTAs by setting goals. This will allow you to track conversions on your analytics account to see which CTA versions are most effective.

Google even has a tool for A/B testing CTAs on your site. Check this entry on the Google Analytics blog for more information.

We more than tripled MEGA LED’s conversions in under 4 months with this simple CTA.

Don’t Delay: Start Improving Your CTAs Today!

See how that works?

Your site needs CTAs so you have some way to gauge whether your business is growing or not. There’s a lot more to internet marketing than just getting page views—those views need to work towards a purpose, whether that’s getting people to sign up for your newsletter or call for a free consultation.

Don’t rely on your customers to figure things out for themselves. Start being proactive right now and reap the rewards later!

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