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Your About page shouldn’t be an afterthought, but rather a centerpiece of your business site.

Blog writing and web content are one in the same. Keep your site consistent and your message tight.

Yes, people read your About page. Make it count! (Read ours if you want!)

About Us.

Does anyone even read these?

For most of us, writing an About page for our company is about as fun as stepping in a time machine, going back to our high school graduation, and giving a speech stark naked.

And it’s only slightly less awkward.

But what if I told you that your About page—instead of giving visitors the creeps—can actually boost your business?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be awkward at all?

Writing a quality About page is tough because you have to strike the right balance between self-promotion and user experience—difficult, because the page is about YOU, after all.

Now that we’ve laid it all out on the table, let’s look at a few tricks you can use to take your About page from ugly, friendless duckling to beautiful swan.

Don’t Talk About Yourself (Immediately)

Yes, you’re gonna have to mention YOU at some point, but save it until you’ve warmed up your readers first. Open up by discussing your readers’ problems and needs, and then transition into why and how your company was born to solve those issues.

Why did you start your business? If it was just to make money, try again. That might be true, but what do you do for your customers that enables you to make money? Now, hone that message to become your About intro.

Even if you’re only in it for the greenbacks, you can still make your mission statement powerful and emotional.

Tell a Great Story

Your company has a story, even if that story happens to be incredibly boring.

But whether your origin tale is like Star Wars or more like Uncle Herschel’s buzzed Thanksgiving rambles, you can still make it interesting and personable!

You’re right; telling the whole wide world all about your paper company’s various mergers and acquisitions culminating in your dominance of the eastern Pennsylvania office supply scene isn’t riveting drama. HOWEVER, you can spin any story.

Not every business story reads like Facebook Origins, but you have a story regardless.

For this example, we could go in one of two directions (depending on your brand image).

First, we could stick to the script and write a heartwarming company history, rich with images and multimedia to make it more human-centric. It’s standard fare, but by writing ultra high-quality content we can create something beautiful here.

Of course, we could also go my preferred route—playing up our weakness of a ‘boring’ story as a strength. It’s a classic marketing trick. Embrace the boring nature of your industry, add tongue-in-cheek humor poking light fun at yourself. Meanwhile, all of your competitors have the same bland, copy-and-paste job on their sites.

Regardless of the path you take, make your About page visually appealing and a treat to read.

Write Just Like You Talk

Yes, exactly like you write your company blogs.

A lot of businesses think their blogs and other content exist separately from their business—like articles are the realm of 20-something college students to drop their acronyms and web lingo, but the rest of the website is for the adults.

Wrong. I don’t care how you talk in real life, nobody comes to your site to read an encyclopedia of dense business jargon.

That also extends to how you name your About Us page. Don’t call it anything too wacky like Core Values or The Vandalay Way. About Us or About is fine, because that’s what people are looking for.

Make It Easy to Contact You

Your About page is a natural step in the progression through your site, and should act as a stepping stone for future contact.

Make sure to include up-to-date contact information, meaning your address, phone number, emails, links to online customer service, etc. This is also a great place to insert links to your social media accounts, although don’t be too obnoxious about it.

The CEO Letter

You don’t have to use all or even any of these techniques to craft your About page—however, I highly suggest you consider a high degree of personalization in order to make visitors feel right at home.

One way we see a lot of success for our clients is by incorporating a Letter From the Top, usually on the About page (but it can also work well on the home page).

Dear readers, my name is Nick and I have a kickass solution for what ails you.

A CEO letter pivots the entire company as a personal effort from the top down, operating with one goal—solving YOUR (the reader’s) problems. YOU are the sole reason said company exists, and will continue to exist. YOU are special, and don’t you forget it.

The CEO letter is great because it reads like a handwritten note from a friend about how they’ve been listening to your problems, and they’re proud to offer you the perfect, tailor-made solution.

About Us

Above all else, your About Us page needs to be totally inclusive of ‘Us.’ Meaning, it can’t just talk about you and your company as an entity separate from the world of your consumers. Instead, About Us refers to the shared world between you and your customers, you as solvers and your customers as buyers.

When you can work that ethos into all aspects of your business model, you’re going to come up aces. The About page is the perfect place to start, so stop putting it off. I promise it won’t be awkward.

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