January 6, 2017

Gromode is Now Klicker

Nick Bandy

Part of the iterative marketing process is using fresh data to orient anew in order to aim for bigger and bigger success.

Throughout the years we’ve used the iterative process and agile marketing principles to blast out huge gains for clients and side projects alike.

Iteration and testing work wonders in this industry, and our own company isn’t immune to those winds of change.

That’s why over the past few weeks we’ve transitioned our brand away from Gromode and into Klicker.

The reason for our rebrand is very simple; good enough is never good enough.

Companies go through rebrands for various reasons. Some are seismic shifts like mergers or splits, or a complete change in vision or direction. Some are more subtle, and represent a fine-tuning of company values, methods and goals.

While the name Gromode and all its associated messaging and imagery gave us warm, fuzzy feelings inside, there was always a tiny bit of resistance, some sort of mental roadblock preventing the full acceptance of “Gromode” as the end-all, be-all pinnacle of marketing magnificence.

Well, after tossing and turning night after night, a new vision just sort of clicked.

So, what changed?

Our color scheme is visually much more appealling. Our logo is greatly improved, and now looks fantastic on both light and dark backgrounds—something the old Gromode G could never pull off, even on its best day. Our site has undergone a content remaster as we’ve honed our sales message through hours and hours of practice.

Everything just clicked. Hence, Klicker was born.

But some things are staying exactly the same.

Our clients can still expect the same OCD attention to detail, the same commitment to business growth, and the same friendly guys on the other end of the phone/email.

You can expect the same beautiful web design, the same thoughtful brand development, and the same search engine dominance.

You can expect the same wicked content, the same sales funnel and conversion mastery, and the same social media precision.

In short, choosing Klicker still means you get the best bang for your marketing buck, and the best chance you have at dominating your niche and winning more sales than ever before.

Except now, we’re doing it in style. With us at the very top of our game, the future can only look brighter for our clients.

Welcome to better marketing. Welcome to bigger profits. And welcome to Klicker.

Start winning.

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