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April 17th

Majeroni Search Update: We Take Over 5 New First-Page Rankings

Majeroni Search Update: We Take Over 5 New First-Page Rankings

Dr. Majeroni’s orthodontic practice is in a tough, competitive location, and unseating the reigning keyword champs is no small feat. But just six months into our first organic search campaign and the results are already awesome.

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Straight to the top

Among the bevy of search terms we’ve seen movement for, here are a handful that have reached the first page of Google since we took the reins:

  • Walnut Creek orthodontics
  • Orthodontist Walnut Creek
  • Orinda orthodontics
  • Walnut Creek orthodontists
  • Bay Area orthodontics
  • Orthodontist Walnut Creek CA
  • Blackhawk Orthodontics
  • Pleasant Hill orthodontics

These results are huge, and are the driving force behind all of the new organic traffic our client is getting recently. As we continue to win more search terms, it’s only a matter of time until Majeroni is the undisputed champion of Bay Area orthodontists.

The higher, the better

Businesses who fail to show up in the search results fail to show up, period. If you’d rather your business become a beacon for potential customers, look no further—call or message us below, and let’s show everyone who the king of your niche really is.

I’m Kade, and I’m all about the big picture. I love figuring out how to arrange your marketing chessboard with a killer strategy from start to finish. I help Klicker (and our clients) show up above the competition on Google, win the most attention from prospects, and not even break a sweat trying.

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