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December 17th

Majeroni Orthodontics Gets a Complete Brand Overhaul—Here’s What Happened

Majeroni Orthodontics Gets a Complete Brand Overhaul—Here’s What Happened

We’ve been plugging away at Majeroni Orthodontics for a while, and this year all of the pieces came together. Dr. Majeroni isn’t just “another orthodontist,” and our most recent brand overhaul makes that differentiation crystal clear for his patients. Brand overhaul is often overlooked by most agencies, and this process makes us the premier orthodontic digital marketing agency nationwide.

majeroni site

Better Brand Messaging

Sticky brand messaging is key to building any business, and Majeroni’s new messaging is exactly what he needs to stay top-of-mind for prospects:

  • Your best smile starts here
  • Recognized as a top orthodontist
  • Braces as low as $100/month
  • Free new patient smile assessment pack

Peppered throughout Majeroni’s pages and posts, these phrases help hammer home the message that Dr. Majeroni is different—and better.

Branding Service Packages

Before our overhaul, Majeroni was all over the place trying to explain exactly what he did, and why his skills and services are superior.

Now, explaining those services is a breeze. We worked closely with our client to come up with specific, concise service packages that reflect the reality of his practice, and also fall in line with what his buyer personas truly desire:

  • KidsClub
  • EXPRESSions
  • Transformations

majeroni kids club

These descriptions aren’t just marketing hype—they’re the perfect way to set expectations for potential patients.

Branding His Technology

Majeroni’s services are unique—not just because of his skill and experience, but also because of the technology he uses to deliver results. Branding his tech would be just as important as the rest of his practice, which is why we came up with terms like:

  • KidTech
  • BraceTech
  • ClearTech

These are punchy, clear, and easy to remember, eliminating confusion and telling potential patients exactly what they’re going to get when they choose Majeroni.

New Visual Identity

Words are one thing, but no brand overhaul is complete without a little design renovation.

To be blunt, Majeroni’s old color scheme and font choices weren’t doing him any favors. We updated his design with a bold new color scheme, fonts and eye-catching photos that really work—so well, in fact, that Dr. Majeroni has even updated his office to reflect the theme of his website.

majeronis brand

Sales Pitch Development

We’ve really honed down Dr. Majeroni’s sales pitch into something that sticks with his visitors and motivates them to schedule that crucial first consultation. That process means defining and selling visitors on what really goes into a perfect smile.

Did you know 72% of people aren’t happy with their smile?

Even after getting braces, most people aren’t happy with their smile. Dr. Majeroni is the guy you go to when you really want an amazing smile. To reinforce the idea of what goes into an awesome smile, we also want prospects to know what they’ll get after a Majeroni ortho treatment:

3 Things That Make the Perfect Smile

  • Smile VIP: The visible portion of your front teeth whenever you smile
  • Smile Arc: Great smiles tend to follow the natural curves of your lips
  • Smile Width: Wider smiles are more aesthetic

The big differentiation here is that while most orthodontists only focus on straight teeth, Dr. Majeroni will give you an aesthetic smile.

End Result?

inbound maketing agency reviewsWe’ve been blowing up with leads!
“Since this new branding overhaul, we’ve been blowing up with leads. The leads are great, but the really nice part is that because our messaging is so spot-on, we’re able to close 95% of the prospects once they get in the door. That’s absolutely insane. As a direct result of that, we’re now able to charge 50% more than other orthodontists.”

– Dave Majeroni

Majeroni Ortho

Branding is a big deal. No matter how big or small your business is, you always need a rock-solid brand. When you’re ready to see earth-shattering results like Dr. Majeroni, get in touch with us ASAP—we’re going to make you a superstar with potential customers.

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