February 2, 2019

New Site, New Leads, New Patients—Dr. Jones Has the Best January of His Career

Sam Lloyd

It’s not hyperbole—Dr. Jones continues to one-up himself with another stellar month, crushing last year’s results like it was nothing. Here are the details.

New year, new heights

Dr. Jones’ Utah plastic surgery practice are kicking off 2019 with record-shattering results, blowing his past three years out of the water. In short, his practice saw the most traffic, most leads, and highest conversion rate ever:

  • Traffic (users): 2006
  • Form fills: 56
  • Calls: 50
  • Total leads: 106

Dr. Jones Results

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At this rate, Dr. Jones will have to clone himself in order to keep up with all of these new patients.

These leads are built on the back of a refined design, retuned sales flow, revitalized content plan and more—all part of our year-to-year marketing iteration. We don’t know what next January will hold, but at this rate, it’s looking pretty big.

How high can you climb?

These results are exciting, but they’re far from unique—don’t think for a second that you can’t achieve the same.

All it takes is an honest look at your marketing efforts, some solid planning, and a little Klicker marketing magicgive us a call or fill out the form below and let’s find out the fastest way to take your business to the top.

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