January 12, 2018

Dr. Jones Gets A Brand New Site—Here’s What Happened with Leads

Sam Lloyd

When we conduct a marketing campaign, the end is only the beginning. Year in and year out, our team is always looking for ways to improve on last year’s results in big, bold ways—even for projects and clients who are already enjoying success.

Better design, better conversion

Dr. Jones was due for his yearly marketing evaluation, and what better way to kick off the new year than to totally redesign his site.

Dr. Jones Website by Klicker

With a fresh, clean look inspired by some of our best-converting designs, Dr. Jones’ new site started off the year with a bang, hitting record numbers in the month of January for:

  • Total traffic (users): 1216
  • Total form fills: 33
  • Total calls: 30
  • Total HOT leads: 63

Even after several marketing campaigns, we’re still finding ways to improve on Dr. Jones’ already-stellar performance, helping our client get booked solid for a very successful year.

Who else wants more leads?

For a high-ticket business like plastic surgery, 63 leads per month is a big deal—especially when the leads are blazing hot, like ours.

Site design is a big piece of the puzzle. If your business could use a digital face lift, we’re your guys—get in touch with us today and let’s chat.

Start winning.

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