December 17, 2018

Best Month Ever for Davis & Sanchez, Far Surpassing Initial Campaign Goals

Sam Lloyd

Don’t you hate when someone promises you one thing, but falls way short of their original goal? Luckily, our clients get a lot of the opposite. Some would call us overachievers.

Expectations versus reality

With Davis & Sanchez, initially we set out with a campaign goal of 40 hot leads per month. This was a number that our client felt confident in handling, and was the amount of leads they believed would help comfortably grow their practice.

Fast-forward to the end of this marketing campaign, and Davis & Sanchez is up to more than 60 leads per month—over 50% more than our original target. Our client is swimming in so many leads that they have to hire new attorneys to keep up with all the new cases.

“Leads” versus hot leads

Earlier we mentioned that we promised our client 40 hot leads per month. This is an important distinction—far too many marketing agencies guarantee leads with no mention of how interested those people might be in becoming your customer.

If your business is looking for only the hottest, freshest leads on the web, look no further—contact us now and let’s get started opening the floodgates to more business than you can handle.

Start winning.

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