July 12, 2018

Davis & Sanchez Expands Into Idaho with a Second Office—Here’s How We Helped

Sam Lloyd

Whether you have plans of local or nationwide marketing domination, we have a knack for helping our clients stretch their wings. Here’s how we helped lay the foundation for one of our clients to make the leap into a brand-new state.

Planning for the future

Sometimes our clients are interested in securing their home turf and dominating an existing niche. Other times, they come to us for help expanding into new locations. Davis & Sanchez wanted a bit of both.

As we built out our client’s local footprint in Utah, we were simultaneously hard at work winning the keyword war for another state—Idaho.

To our client, Idaho was almost a pipe dream, and they didn’t expect to make inroads for several more years. But to make a long story short, we were so fast and so successful in generating Idaho leads that D&S were motivated to open an Idaho office years ahead of schedule, greatly expanding their capacity to handle new cases and new clients.

Accelerate your business

Whether your ambitions lie down the street or across the country, you’ll want to have a marketing team on your side who understands the importance of taking action—not tomorrow, but right now.

Imagine how fast you could grow if your 5-year plan could be realized in a single marketing campaign. Get in touch with us today and find out just how much harder you could be pushing the gas pedal.

Start winning.

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