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The internet has changed everything. People have microscopic attention spans (8 seconds), increasingly high demands, and an infinite array of options with every purchase they make. If you don't immediately stand-out and provide value, people will go elsewhere...forgetting all about you in no-time. Businesses operating from old-school marketing mindsets are getting left in the dust. Everyone researches before they buy, and no one is being influenced by cutesy jingles anymore.

Companies winning in this new landscape are doing things different. Instead of relying on potential customers being naive and making brash decisions, they're proactively educating and delivering value before anyone buys anything. They're providing value first, and doing it with style. This is what Converting Clicks to Customers. is all about... proactively creating valuable offers and using technology and systems to deliver it. The result? Winning.

Converting Clicks to Customers is...


Deep Analysis & Forward-Thinking Strategy

Your sales process grabs visitors by the hand and escorts them cleanly to the checkout counter. Making the trip as smooth and painless as possible means we have to find the snags before we begin, and figure out just why leads aren't becoming sales.

Case Study: Dr. Trenton Jones doubles his sales with Better Marketing by Klicker


Lead Nurturing Software Implementation

Winning on the front end needs backup in the form of back end software, tools built to grow and harness your fledgling email list until it becomes a mean sales-generating machine.

We'll automate your sales funnel using tools like Infusionsoft and Hubspot to meet and greet brand new leads.

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Lead Magnet Asset Creation

After building your arsenal of high-powered content, we'll repurpose and refit your material as downloadable assets, meant to be used as sales-focused powerhouses for distribution to lucky visitors far and wide.

Attract red-hot leads with value-adding offers. Offers your prospects will bust down the door to get their hands on.

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Sales Funnel Sequences

Sales funnels don't end after capturing contact info. Effective lead nurturing nudges leads gently off the fence and into your waiting arms.

Using the strongest, smartest software on the back end, we'll continue to deliver value and payloads of persuasion via email to leads of all temperatures until they're piping, red-hot, and ready to buy.

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A/B Multivariate Testing

Got something that works? Not good enough. We never stop testing, because a better solution might be just around the corner.

Marketing agencies only try something once, but Klicker tests over and over again. Testing and tweaking the formula that brought you big sales eventually leads to bigger sales—so why stop now?

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Landing Pages & Forms

Rid your potential buyers of resistance with super-sleek landing pages and simple forms to get them over the final roadblock to buying, and restore your faith in digital marketing once and for all. We create turbocharged pages for maximum persuasion.

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Hey, I'm Sam. I always wanted to build a "dream team" of marketing talent. You know, a group of truly elite individuals correctly incentivized, firing on all cylinders to create results previously unheard of. It's been a long road, but we've done finally done it. Welcome to Klicker.

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I'm Nick, and I have an uncanny obsession with words. I live, breath, and even eat words (alphabet cereal) all day, every day. When Sam told me about Klicker—and how many words I'd get to write for hungry eyes all across the world—I knew it was a perfect fit.

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