ClickCease Spiraling out of control…Blackwell Ruiz scores 398% ROI
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May 22nd Results Report

Spiraling out of control…Blackwell Ruiz scores 398% ROI

Key stat
Nearly 9x return on Blackwell Ruiz’ marketing investment with huge payoff from paid ads.

Who is Blackwell Ruiz?

Bigger settlements, better service, faster results—Blackwell Ruiz is a top-rated Phoenix personal injury law firm.

Klicker helped refine Blackwell Ruiz’ brand with a brand-new site, content, and one of our best paid ad campaigns to date.

How much is Blackwell Ruiz dominating?

Blackwell Ruiz was already doing well offline, but our goal was to help them dominate online to the point they could rely on their website as a stable, profitable source of new cases.

Mission accomplished:

  • Traffic: 3x increase in web traffic, primarily from paid search
  • Leads: 405% increase in hot leads with a 9% site conversion rate
  • Sales: 145% more clients per month

And, we accomplished all of this in less than a year. Blackwell Ruiz continues to dominate, with better and better results as time goes on.

“Our site conversion rate is almost 10%, which is insane compared to what other law firms get. Klicker has made digital marketing a foundational part of our business. Before, we barely got any new cases online. Now, the majority are coming from digital. Amazing!”


I'm Sam, and I'm the founder of Klicker. My mission has always been to understand what separates the 1% of winning businesses from the 99% who never see results online. Klicker is my attempt to share these findings and organize a system to push a select few of those 99% into the 1%.

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