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WWe get it. Law firm marketing is frustrating. From workmans comp to personal injury, it can be a huge headache. You've seen your fair share of lawyer internet marketing 'experts' all claiming to know the secret to success. But how do you know which one offers the best law firm marketing plan? We do lawyer marketing a little different. Say goodbye to one-off services, sleazy cold calls, brutal retainer fees and pie-in-the-sky delusions. We've recruited a world-class attorney marketing team

and created an all-inclusive methodology that gets results for your firm—results that walk the walk. Doubling traffic, tripling leads, quadrupling sales...commonplace for the elite clients we take under our wing, no matter how big. We've had success even with small law firm marketing overhauls. Our success relies on building long-lasting relationships with our clients, and that means hitching our compensation directly to the results we bring to your firm. Welcome to Klicker, the no-nonsense marketing team you've always needed. Simply put, we do law firm internet marketing better.

Law Firm Brand Development

Yes, even lawyers need a brand. It's how your clients view your practice, and it's vital to create a brand that conveys trust and expertise. We'll establish your brand using clear, powerful messaging to make it a no-brainer for potential clients to pick up the phone.

Law Firm Content Marketing

Masterful content is vital for any business, and law firms are no different. Content we produce for your firm helps build your brand, smash your attorney SEO marketing goals, and define your firm as the most knowledgeable and professional around.

Law Firm Conversion Strategy

As a lawyer, your business grows when folks choose you instead of the other guys. We work with you to create the most powerful conversion funnels, calls to action and offers imaginable, making it effortless for leads to become eventual clients.

Law Firm Search Engine Marketing

Law firm SEO is critical to stay visible on Google. With attorney search engine marketing, we'll get you the surge of web traffic you deserve, ranking your site for the most profitable keywords—the ones your clients are looking for. Lawyer SEO isn't hard—and we'll prove it.

Social Media Marketing for Law Firm

Yes, even lawyers should take social media seriously. And why? Because your clients are already using it. By becoming part of their conversation, we'll open the doors for incredible growth.

Law Firm Web Development

Lawyers are often known for having outdated sites, which is really a blessing in disguise. By revamping your website, you'll stand out more than ever with clients with a sleek design, effortless navigation, and search optimization to make it easy for new business to fall into your lap—all with modern law firm web marketing.

We turn your website into a sales machine

Better Marketing. Bigger Profits.

More traffic, more leads, more sales - we're the results only agency delivering serious ROI.

More Traffic.

Your marketing engine isn't going anywhere without a steady supply of traffic. We're about to get your site more traffic than a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday.

Let us sweet-talk Google and social media to get tons of potential clients furiously typing your web address into their browsers.

Take a look at Dr. Jones—after working with Klicker, he increased his traffic by more than 1000%. That's not a typo.

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More Leads.

We got the traffic. Now what? Time to redirect that traffic into a hypnotic, persuasive sales funnel.

Leads are where baby traffic goes before transforming into full-grown sales. And we wrangle more leads than a rancher.

Just check out MEGA LED, who saw 3x as many leads in just half a year of Klicker guidance. Yes, really. Leads are the halfway point between skeptic browsers and happy buyers, and we're your relentless lead wranglers.

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More Sales.

Show me the money. With a steady flow of traffic getting caught in our sales funnel, let's bring it all home.

Selling to potential clients is all about understanding those clients. By the time we're done, prospective clients won't be able to resist scheduling a consultation ASAP.

Don't take it from us. Check out Tobacco Motorwear, who we flooded with double the sales after less than a year of Klicker magic. Get ready for a one-way ticket to Win City.

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Trenton Jones

Owner @ Cascade

We've run a successful practice for a long time now, despite never having any real success from digital. Partnering with Klicker changed everything. I'm getting more leads than I know what to do with. Last month was our best month ever, and we're on pace for a record setting year.
Greg Heaps

CMO @ Aluvii

I just took an inbound call that came in from a Google search (your work). They found us today and called us immediately. We did a demo on the spot, which we typically don't do. Closed the deal - fastest deal we've ever done. I've been getting these more and more. Klicker's marketing is very powerful.
Jacob Hill

Operations @ Davis & Sanchez

Our law firm never really had much success online. Klicker straightened us out immediately. Within 3 months we started seeing a big boost in leads and sales. The leads are red hot and have been the fuel we've needed to expand our practice by opening an additional office in Idaho.

Introducing the Team.

The all-star marketing team you've always needed but never had.

Hey, I'm Sam. I always wanted to build a "dream team" of marketing talent. You know, a group of truly elite individuals correctly incentivized, firing on all cylinders to create results previously unheard of. It's been a long road, but we've done finally done it. Welcome to Klicker.

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Sam Lloyd
Creative Superhero

I'm Kade! When I'm not serenading my beautiful wife and giving my daughter piggyback rides, I'm on the computer making things GO. I can tell you one thing for sure—Klicker really is the marketing team you've always needed, but never had.

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Kade Call
Strategy Overlord

I'm Nick, and I have an uncanny obsession with words. I live, breath, and even eat words (alphabet cereal) all day, every day. When Sam told me about Klicker—and how many words I'd get to write for hungry eyes all across the world—I knew it was a perfect fit.

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Nick Bandy
Wordsmith Prodigy

Omar Prestwich
Refined Socialite

Michael Matthews
Coding Wizard

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