Sam Lloyd

Klicker Founder

Hey! I'm Sam — the founder of Klicker. Confession: I've been downright obsessed with digital marketing for over 8 years now, and the love affair just keeps getting stronger. As a front-end web designer (UI/UX) with a passion for building brands, I specialize in creating content-driven websites that forge deep emotional connections, influencing potential buyers to take action. Klicker is the result of getting better and better at my craft and wanting to help more businesses just like yours. Check out what lead me to this point below:

  • SEO Enterprise Manager

    2010 - 2011

    In less than a year at Orange Soda, I doubled our enterprise team's monthly revenue—all without hiring any additional employees.

    Along the way we achieved Orange Soda's lowest EVER churn rate, and totally retooled an outdated SEO process to fuel strategic partnerships with Big League players like American Express and Yahoo.

  • Digital Marketing Manager

    2011 - 2013

    At Qualtrics, I oversaw a complete overhaul of their blog, which helped double organic traffic when coupled with our brand-new SEO strategy.

    After building out tons of landing pages, case study templates and other sales material, Qualtrics soon enjoyed a massive 1000% monthly increase in traffic.

  • Interactive Designer (UI/UX)

    2013 - 2015

    Alliance is where my training wheels finally came off. As their inbound marketing manager/interactive designer, I spearheaded a revamp of their website's design and functionality, which lead to doubled leads and quadrupled sales. Taking on the role of web strategist, I really began to understand what makes a great website tick. I also got the insights and skills I needed to break away and create Klicker.

    Design Tenet 1: Intuition

    I've spent thousands of hours cracking the code to effective web design. My trials and tribulations revealed one universal truth—web design must leave an impression. Our design works because it gives the people what they want.

    Design Tenet 2: Cutting-Edge Development

    One ugly navigation menu or clunky landing page is all it takes to make your online gravy train grind to a halt. We use only the smoothest, fastest, bakery-fresh code and design principles to keep your site fast, crisp, and tantalizingly easy for users to, well...use.

    Design Tenet 3: Form for Function's Sake

    Web design stops being functional once you try to get too fancy. Modern customers are looking for clean, sleek sites that perfectly communicate your brand's message. Our web design isn't just meant to look pretty—it's meant to Get. $hit. Done.

  • Founder

    2015 - retirement

    Klicker is the culmination of years of combined experience. It's the answer to one simple question: How can we do marketing cheaper, faster, and better?

    Klicker is the merger of elite marketing minds from all walks of life and all parts of the inbound marketing spectrum—designers, coders, SEO-ers, writers, social media specialists, branding specialists, you name it. I couldn't be more proud of the team I have today, and tomorrow is looking even brighter for us and YOU.