Nick Bandy

Founding Partner

Hey, I'm Nick—a web writer who knows a thing or two about creating content for people. My specialties include conversational writing, hypnotic messaging, and making obscure pop culture references from the late 90s. You could say my writing is totally N'Sync with your readers...and you'd be right. Check out what lead me to this point below:

  • Education

    Back in the day, I studied long and hard for a degree in biology. What's that got to do with web writing, you say? Well, nothing. Sometimes when you beat your head against a brick wall for long enough, the wall gives.

    But sometimes, you find a way around the wall—and save your noggin. After leaving school, it was time to put that BS (bachelor of science, and also bull shit) to good use—so I became a writer.

  • Free, Freelancin'

    Working for peanuts as a newborn freelance writer means learning and adapting...or dying. Self-promotion becomes just as important as what you actually write, and that do-or-die mentality turbocharged my writing. I understood that content must always have a purpose, and if you didn't get to the point, you'd find yourself with no readers. And for me, that meant no business. Here are 3 writing keys I learned along the way...

    Writing Tenet 1: Write with a Purpose in Mind

    Good writing starts with a goal in mind. If you don't accomplish that goal by the end of your content (or don't have a goal to begin with), your writing is a failure. It's just words. Our content is aimed to build trust between brands and readers, influence sales, and work hand-in-hand with our SEO team to rank our clients as high as possible on Google.

    Writing Tenet 2: Write for the People

    Content solely written for Google robots is garbage. I write like people talk—at least, I think so. I've spent way too much time in a cabin in the woods, alone with my dog. Please send help.

    Writing Tenet 3: Say What You Need, and Nothing More

    Know what great content does after it makes a point? It shuts up and gets out of the way. Nobody wants to read a blog post that sounds like a chapter of Jane Eyre. That's why I'm ending this paragraph right now.

  • Partner & Head of Content

    2015 - retirement

    I've been working with Sam for a while now, back when Klicker was just a gleam in the eye. Being able to work together with a bunch of degenerate marketing experts like myself has been a blessing.

    The synergy we produce on a given work day is roughly equivalent to the power generated by the Hoover Dam, which means big, big things for our lucky clients. It feels great to put all of my renegade writing skills to work on a grand scale, and I'm super excited about what the future brings.