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50 Proven Social Media Ideas to Increase Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Be yourself, but also be the best version of yourself!

Talk to your audience, but talk in a way that resonates with your audience.

Use visuals—social media was made for multimedia!

The value of social media for business is undeniable.

But while previously the number of social media followers was the only metric that occupied marketers’ minds, now, engagement is a new frontier.

Engagement affects brand loyalty as well as how receptive your customers are to marketing messages, which eventually brings more sales.

The number of followers is an important indicator of social proof, but once you reach a certain point you have to refocus your efforts on conversion and retention.

Increasing social engagement for fun and profit

There are tons of social media business ideas to increase engagement. You have to know your audience well and be a bit of a growth hacker, but there is really no limit to creativity when it comes to producing engaging content.

Social media engagement, in simple human terms, equals the degree of investment into a relationship.

The more invested your followers are, the more likely they are to stay, buy and advocate for your product.

And like in the real world with real people, engagement is a game of finding a balance: between posting deep insightful findings and entertaining content, between posting too much or too little, between catering to your customer needs and communicating the brand’s message.

Here are some social media engagement ideas to get this game right:

1. Open Up

In social media, you are competing against other brands as well as millions of real people. This is a hard competition to win! Social media posts for business are a lot harder to promote than personal content.

When faced with a choice between a faceless brand and a real human being, social media users will always choose the latter. You need to show your real you: post pictures of people behind the brand, share daily musings, focus on wins, but also relay struggles and challenges.

2. Give them space

Provide opportunities for your followers to express themselves creatively. Sometimes a simple fill-in-the-blank post can spur an avalanche of responses. For example: “If I could be anywhere right now, I would _____, OR “I laugh every time I ______”

3. Share information

Become a curator for your audience, so that they don’t have to do any additional research when it comes to your industry or product. Share relevant content that they might be interested in and, if it is a compelling piece, ask for feedback and opinions.

4. Introduce them to your friends

Good social media content ideas sometimes take ages to come up with. Put a spin on bloggers’ content and share it along with the original piece. Influencers tend to specialize in one niche, hence they provide deeper insights. Plus, again, the connection to real people will make your brand more relatable.

5. Ask questions

While people want to hear what you have to say, they are also eager to share their own opinion. You’ve got to become a good communicator and a great listener. Ask questions that they care about and make sure that the conversation is going smoothly.

6. Be funny

Laughter is the best way to make a good impression and connect on a deep emotional level. Post memes, funny quotes or gifs. A funny person steals the show so as a brand that can show its humorous side.

7. Share visual memories

People want to see what you are up to in real life. So take pictures at corporate events, conferences, parties and during a regular day in the office and share them in your feed. Just avoid anything that might cast a shadow on your brand’s image.

8. Boost your credibility

Social media posts for business become a lot more engaging and interesting to read once you add stats and data to them. Stats establish trust and amplify your credibility as a content creator. They demand attention, encourage analysis and further discussion.

9. Ask for their input

People like to be helpful. If you need feedback on your service or product, get the poll or survey together and ask people to take part.

10. Follow expert advice

Be on the lookout for social media marketing ideas, news, and trends. Follow media and publishing companies that post regularly on the topics of content marketing, social media, and digital marketing and apply their findings to your content creation process.

11. Embrace visual assets

Use Pinterest for visually compelling infographics, images, quotes, and graphics. Putting text into a visual format makes it easier for people to absorb information, so they are more likely to pay attention.

12. Give them a gift

Giveaways are a great way to boost engagement and encourage action. Giveaway is also one of the most effective social media promotion ideas because people are eager to share giveaways with their own following.

13. Stroke their ego

Run a competition among the fans so that they can showcase their skills and knowledge. Competitions invoke an innate desire to win and share the results.

14. Make them your ambassadors

People are eager to show support for brands they love. If you already earned your customers’ trust, ask them to share a photo with your product. This reinforces a bond with the brand and serves as a social proof to new followers.

15. Be helpful

Share the tips & tricks that might help your audience. Provide value whenever possible and establish yourself as a field expert.

16. Start a conversation

People want to go behind the curtains and sometimes they need an encouragement to do so. Social media posts ideas such as ask-me-anything posts or Q&As are a great way to start a dialogue and build trust.

17. Show gratitude

Whenever someone is particularly active supporting your brand, shout out to them by reposting their quotations, Facebook comments, and Twitter mentions.

18. Recite the wise men

Post motivational quotes to keep the moods up. Everyone needs a bit of a motivation boost once in awhile. Be that refuge of good emotions for your audience.

19. Introduce them to family

The team members are an endless source of inspiration for social media posts ideas for business. Share their photos, personal stories and show how they bring your company and brand to life.

20. What’s in Your Fridge?

Share behind the scenes and give your audience access to where all the magic happens: your office or a store. Pick the most creative space in the office and share what you have there.

21. Teach them

Strengthen your expert image and compile a tutorial on one of the aspects of your business.

22. Create new knowledge from existing knowledge

Put together a roundup with links from other useful and recommended resources.

23. Tap into celebrity power

Shoot an interview with a popular influencer or a blogger. Ask questions that your audience will find useful and share the answers.

24. Test them

Everyone likes to be challenged. Trivia games or quizzes are the most simple way to elicit a response from your audience.

25. Maintain regular contact with daily updates

Find something inspiring to post every day. Here are some ideas for social media posts to share daily: a place to travel to, a photo of an office window view or a picture of an office cat.

26. Shoot a video

Share a video from a Youtube channel or shoot a quick story on the spot.

27. Make a playlist

Music unites people. Compile a playlist of latest hits or ask your followers for track recommendations.

28. Create infographics

Infographics attract attention right away. They are a great way to present facts and data in a nice, visually compelling way and are easy to comprehend.

29. Present yourself creatively

Slideshare presentation is a great way to gain social proof. They also carry an amazing educational value for your audience.

30. Get technical

People love to get suggestions on apps and tools to use daily. Make a list of tools your team is using and share it.

31. Ride the current

When something major happens in the world, look for ways to connect the event to your product. When the initial interest is high, it is easy to create even more hype. Stay informed of all the news, be it a celebrity gossip or climate change.

32. Build on your previous achievements

Have a post that performed really well last year? Don’t be shy to share it again. Successful posts deserve to be shared multiple times.

33. Brag

Post a case study backed by customer reviews and statistics. It is okay to show off your success, especially since people like to express their support for the brands they love.

34. Show off your artistic skills

Illustrations receive tons of likes and engagement because they require some serious talent to produce. Turn your stories or stats into beautiful illustrations and share them on your page.

35. Promote quality content

Ebooks are the epitome of a highly valuable content piece. Offer your audience a sneak peak into the book and post a download link when it is published.

36. Keep them posted on important events and updates

Have a calendar of events and post a link to it on your social media page. Make it easy for followers to keep up with brand’s updates and news.

37. Make fun of yourself

Memes are often used to make fun of human behavior or a social idea. Create captivating memes around your brand’s message or images. Just make sure you don’t compromise your brand.

38. Go back to basics

Revisit your evergreen content and repost it. Evergreen content revolves around issues and questions that are always relevant and provide real educational value. Evergreen content presents base knowledge that is always sought after.

39. Challenge them

Encourage a discussion on a controversial topic. Social media posting ideas that drive most intense debates are usually highly philosophical, for example, Family or Career? Stability or Change?

40. Serve them well

Social media is becoming a sole channel for customers to express their concerns and ask questions about the brand. Monitor brand’s mentions online and provide timely response whenever your customers need help.

41. Create a community

Brand pages don’t get as much engagement as groups and communities. Create or join a community and become an active member. You can then introduce your brand to the community without being too pushy.

42. Discuss universal topics

There are three things all people care about: relationships, money and body image, and the best social media posts revolve around these topics. You can easily tie your content to one or two of these three universal topics.

43. Celebrate milestones

Just like any personal page, your brand’s page should reflect your lifetime with ups and downs, failures and victories. Add those milestones to your list of social media calendar ideas and share posts when you reach a certain number of followers or finish a challenging project.

44. Inspire action

Make use of call to actions in your post. The statistic shows that brands that intentionally ask users to do something receive more engagement than brands who don’t.

45. Watch your stats

Analyze your social media engagement for different posts during the week and at certain times of the day and identify time slots that get the most engagement.

46. Let them know what to expect

Pick daily social media themes and repeat them with relentless consistency. Some super cool social media content calendar ideas include Motivational Monday, Share Your Tip Tuesday, Willpower Wednesday and etc,

47. Give back

Like and respond to comments from most active followers. If you want to build the relationship with your following, show them love first.

48. Invite them out

Performance and engagement levels of content in different channels vary significantly. Make sure your content fits the medium and your followers are aware of other channels where they can reach you.

49. Appreciate the little things

Posts around weather, an upcoming weekend or public holidays are a great way to stay attuned to your followers’ mood.

50. Spread the wings

Be on the lookout for emerging social media channels and become an early adopter. Due to the lack of content providers, people are more inclined to proactively search for content in new channels compared to established and oversaturated channels.

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