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August 10th

5 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience Online

5 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience Online

Hello friends, Klicker your favorite lead generation marketing agency here dropping some knowledge bombs.

Connecting with your target audience doesn’t just mean throwing up content and hoping your sales increase.

No, you have to make an effort to engage with people—that’s just how marketing works nowadays.

To make things tougher for you, you might be trying to connect with the same audience as massive corporations with advertising budgets bigger than the GDP of a small country.

Don’t lose hope. Even the smallest business has a good shot at forging powerful connections with their customers, no matter who the competition is. Even with Scrooge McDuck-esque bottomless money pits thrown against you, you have something on your side that many businesses lack and all customers crave—authenticity.

Figuring our where your customers spend most of their time online (and what they’re doing) is the first step towards reaching them in a meaningful way. That means creating a brand presence in those channels or reinforcing an existing presence.

And here’s exactly how to reach your target market online…

Enter their Social Circles

Social media gives us the powerful ability to congregate with people who share very similar viewpoints and interests, for better or for worse. But from a marketing standpoint, this is a veritable gold mine—tapping into a prospect’s social circle means gaining access to a smorgasbord of other potential customers.

More importantly, successfully ‘infiltrating’ their social circles means being accepted as part of their tribe. No longer are you a company, but rather a brand loved and shared by members of their exclusive club.

Gaining access to their social circles means discovering where your buyer persona hangs out. If that means devoting 100% of your time to Twitter or equally splitting your efforts between Instagram and Facebook, so be it—just don’t waste your time in places where your customers are nowhere to be seen.

Target Behaviors through Paid Channel Advertising

Google AdWords isn’t the only channel offering paid targeting features. Social media networks (especially Facebook) also offer powerful ad tools for savvy businesses, from fine-tuned targeting options like specific age ranges and geographical locations that also have the benefit of being surprisingly cheap.

You might find that social advertising actually works better than PPC ads on Google. It all depends on your audience and how they seek information, which you’ll get a better handle on through trial-and-error, er, I mean…testing.

Blog About What’s Important to Your Customers

Blogging can take many forms, and the content you produce depends entirely on what type of business you run—not just your industry, but also where in the buying process you’re trying to target customers.

Content marketing both establishes you as a leading authority and reassures customers that YOU’RE the one who can answer the questions and make their problems disappear.

Picking the right topics to blog about means only producing content that resonates with your readers, whether that informs them, builds your brand, or steers prospects towards becoming customers. In the end, each piece of content has to give something back to your readers in exchange for their time.

Partner Up with Similar Brands

Marketing doesn’t always have to be a zero-sum game. In some cases, finding like-minded companies who share your values doesn’t automatically mean a battle for supremacy.

Sometimes it’s more beneficial to share the wealth, such as by guest-posting on each other’s blogs, sharing social media content, or hosting a webinar together. There are ways to expand the pie without stealing from someone else’s slice, but ultimately altruism should never take precedence over business.

Provide Great Testimonials that Really Speak to Your Target Market

The mere presence of testimonials on your site is a huge boon for building authority and comfort, but optimizing your customer experience means finding the best testimonials possible.

Great testimonials are both logical and emotional, meaning they answer the key question everyone asks before they buy something…

What do I get out of this?

Answer that question—repeatedly—with vivid testimonials, undeniable proof that you’ve helped people just like them with problems just like theirs.

Happy customers are usually more than willing to give you a great testimonial, so don’t be afraid to ask. If you really want to crank the volume up to 11, try putting a video testimonial somewhere on your site for maximum success.

Reaching Your Target Audience is All About Business Development

Customer outreach isn’t done for outreach’s sake. Everything is tied back to growing your business, so don’t lose site of the end game.

With that said, the process really isn’t that complicated. By finding out where your customers congregate online, what they’re doing, what they desire, and how you can fulfill that desire, you’ve already done most of the work.

Now get out there and start reaching your customers like never before, and start growing your business in ways you never thought possible.

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