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February 26th

5 Ways for Dentists to Reach Customers Online

5 Ways for Dentists to Reach Customers Online
Article Cliff Notes

With the right tools and strategies, you can beat just about anyone online.

Every business has its own niche. Find yours, and prosper.

Don’t be afraid to call in professional help to speed up (and maximize) results.

Want to build connections with potential customers?

You’ll need to do more than just throw up a new site and a few blog posts, hoping for that small trickle of visitors to turn into a torrent of leads.

The way marketing works nowadays is very simple, but most people aren’t doing it right—you MUST engage with patients, end of story.

The toughest part about engaging with patients as a small dental practice or a dentist with little skin in the Google game is that your competitors are edging you out in the search results big time.

Rival dentists are appearing ahead of you when it comes to organic, local AND paid search results, and that doesn’t leave much of the pie left for you to enjoy.

But worry not! Even a relatively new dentist can take over the search results and leapfrog their competitors with a little know-how and a little effort.

You just have to identify where your customers are hanging out online, what they’re looking for, and how you’re the perfect solution to all of their dental woes.

Sound complicated? It’s really not! Here’s how we you do it…

Enter their social circles

Social media—at least for the time being—seems like it’s here to stay, so we might as well take advantage of it for our dental marketing purposes.

Finding out what your prospects are doing on social media (particularly Facebook) can give valuable insights into what they’re looking for in a dentist. But even more importantly, social media provides one of the key ingredients to online success:

Social proof.

Even having a small handful of 5-star reviews on Facebook can help give you an edge over your competitors, and fledgling dental practices should treat these reviews like gold.

Target specific behaviors with paid advertising

Paid targeting features—like the ones we use through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads—are an extremely powerful way to reach the exact portion of the population who’s MOST interested in finding a dentist just like you.

That means selecting for specific age ranges, geographic locations and much more. The best part? These services are still pretty darn cheap compared to more traditional (and less effective) marketing channels.

Social media marketing and paid advertising on Google go hand-in-hand, which is exactly why we do both.

Write about what’s important to your patients

Blogging takes many forms, ranging from microblogs on Instagram to essays over ten thousand words long. What’s more important than the length of your content, however, is the content of your content.

For us, writing content for dental sites means attacking on multiple fronts, using a combination of informative, sales and SEO content to build pages that are each designed with a very specific goal in mind.

Our unique blend of content writing means our clients can easily be found on Google, while still delivering all the informative content patients desire, AND being persuasive enough to attract leads.

It’s a fine balancing act, but when you manage to produce content that both search engines and your customers find relevant, you’re going to be in a better spot than 90% of the other guys.

Get real testimonials that speak to your patients

We’ve all seen those cringe-worthy fake testimonials that couldn’t possibly be written by a real person. That’s NOT what we’re after.

Great testimonials resonate on both a logical and emotional level, answering the most important question every patient has before they choose their new dentist:

What do I get out of this?

As a dentist, you might think that little differentiates your practice from any other office in town. Well, you’re probably wrong…but let’s hypothetically say you’re right. Even then, vivid testimonials can make it seem like you’re lightyears beyond other dentists.

Again, this goes back to the concept of social proof we talked about earlier. But more than that, you’re offering proof (you’ve helped customers just like them) to back up your claim (that you’re one of the best/most affordable/safest/cleanest dental practices around).

The best part is, satisfied customers are usually more than happy to write you up a quick, glowing testimonial. Just ask them!

Get professional help

For professionals like dentists, seeing success online often requires a total overhaul of how you look at online marketing. That’s why we attack digital marketing on six fronts, building our clients all of the digital infrastructure they need to dominate their markets.

Through a combination of web design, content writing, organic, paid and local search, as well as lead nurturing through email marketing, we’ve delivered consistent results for professionals just like you, all across the country.

The issue for most dentists isn’t that they can’t do online marketing—we’ve found that dentists tend to be pretty darn smart—it’s that they just don’t have the time to handle it.

Plus, it doesn’t really make sense from a financial standpoint to hire a full-time marketing team to bring your practice to the top. At least, it didn’t make sense until we figured out an agile, cost-effective way to tackle dental marketing.

If you’re curious whether or not Klicker can double your leads in 9-12 months, get in touch with us ASAP. We’ll show you that online marketing doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth.

I’m Kade, and I’m all about the big picture. I love figuring out how to arrange your marketing chessboard with a killer strategy from start to finish. I help Klicker (and our clients) show up above the competition on Google, win the most attention from prospects, and not even break a sweat trying.

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