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December 22nd Uncategorized

5 Benefits of a Great Social Media Marketing Strategy You’re Missing Out On

Article Cliff Notes

Social media marketing lets you target your exact buyer personas with ease.

Advertising on social media is far, far cheaper than traditional channels like print, radio, etc.

Transitioning your customer service system to social media helps eliminate frustration and build your brand image.

The sheer amount of exposure for your content on social media means more conversions.

Social media marketing is far from the fad some predicted years ago. As physical stores move to online marketplaces, so too do physical customers.

To keep up with our society’s constant shift to an online world, your business has to cater to those customers—the number of people who don’t use the internet, after all, is steadily approaching 0.

Marketing your brand on social media is one of the best ways to reach as many people as possible for the least amount of money. It’s almost ridiculous how effective social media marketing can be.

To be more specific, let’s go through 5 of the biggest benefits social media marketing has to offer—benefits you might be missing out on.

Targeted Content with Pinpoint Accuracy

Perfectly targeting your prospects – nailed it.

Used to be the only way to advertise for your business was to:

  • Hang a sign up;
  • Get referrals;
  • Or, stand in the town square, shouting at everyone who walked by.

Then came newspapers and eventually trade magazines, allowing companies to start targeting their ads based on geographic location and specific industries.

Radio and TV added their own mix to the equation, but until social media came along there was never a super-detailed way to target your marketing campaigns.

Well, the whole game has changed. Social media allows marketers an almost-Orwellian level of detail when it comes to who sees their ads. Here are just a few of the parameters you could use in a Facebook ad campaign:

  • Location;
  • Language;
  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Interests;
  • Purchasing behavior;
  • And even relationship status.

That means your message is only going to the people most likely to respond.

Want to target lawn care advice at men aged 35-65 who live in Montana and speak German? Sure. Relationship advice for women living in Nantucket between 18-31 who like cats and K-Pop? Be my guest.

Targeting ads let’s you fine-tune your message.

Targeting ads let’s you fine-tune your message. Because only a specific subset of the population is ever going to see it, your ad can be packed with vital info and lingo only your audience would use.

And as time goes on, the level of detail targeted ads are capable of will only increase.

Advertising for Nearly Any Budget

There’s a lot of prestige still attached to TV and radio ads, and they might make sense for large corporations with bottomless pockets like Scrooge McDuck.

But we don’t care about looking cool for 30 seconds. We care about building your business, and for most companies (no matter how big or small), social media marketing is simply the most cost-effective method of advertising out there.

The potential ROI for even a small Facebook campaign is astounding.

The potential ROI for even a small Facebook campaign is astounding. Nearly any company has the funds for a social media campaign—what’s puzzling is why there are still some businesses who have either weak or nonexistent social network presences.

Social media accounts are free to set up, and you could technically start your social marketing campaign within minutes of signing up.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Social networks charge to increase your post visibility, but the cost is a massive bargain compared to the price of TV commercials or radio spots.

Quick and Easy Content Distribution

Can you imagine how relieved marketers were with the invention of the typewriter? What about email?

Social media not only allowed companies to narrow their marketing efforts, but also made it much faster to mass-distribute content.

A huge portion of website traffic comes from referrals or links on social networks. If your blog content is regularly on fire, it makes sense that you’d want to distribute that content with the click of a button (or automatically, no clicks involved) and make it as easy as possible for fans of that content to share with friends.

This data isn’t just pretty to look at. Smart businesses use social media not just to get results, but to qualify those results, too.

Social media does all that and more. Facebook ads, for example, provide tons of useful info about your campaigns and posts, such as their total reach (how many people saw your content) and engagement (how many people clicked, liked or shared).

This data isn’t just pretty to look at. Smart businesses use social media not just to get results, but to qualify those results, too.

Grassroots Customer Service

There’s probably been no point in history when customer service was viewed with such negativity as it is now.

It’s almost like some companies actively promote this disdain by outsourcing call centers with untrained and poorly motivated staff, or making their loyal, paying customers jump through hoops to get the help they need.

Social media is valuable because it’s a two-way street. It can and should be used to start a conversation with your customers. What you say is up to you, but your accounts shouldn’t just be a microphone for your opinions.

Savvy businesses are using social media to put the “customer” and “service” back in “customer service.” Voicing concerns and complaints via social media is more immediate than sending an email or waiting on hold.

Your public answers and status updates help make your company seem more transparent. Resolving issues in front of your entire social media following also makes your company seem more down-to-earth, as you work in real time to give your customers the best experience possible.

More Opportunities for Conversions than Ever Before

When brands are active on social channels with relevant content, people pay attention. Awesome social media accounts lend a human voice to your otherwise distant, faceless company that people pick up on.

Whenever you share a post, video, infographic or picture, you’re giving that audience a chance to take action.

When brands are active on social channels with relevant content, people pay attention.

Even if most people don’t click on or share a particular piece of content, the sheer volume of potential viewers for each update is enough so that even content with low click-through rates can potentially pay off.

Your flock of followers is a combination of past customers, recent buyers, and people who just find you entertaining or useful (POTENTIAL customers). Each and every bit of content you provide has the ability to resonate with viewers your previous efforts didn’t quite click with.

As long as you’re being consistent, playing the pure numbers game can be a gigantic boon for your business.

Quit Acting Antisocial

These are just a handful of the benefits social media marketing can offer your business. Even persistence on just a single channel like Facebook can provide opportunities for your company that might be difficult to envision right now.

As more and more people join social media (and spend more time than ever online), your slice of the pie will just keep growing. Don’t let your competitors eat their fill while you’re going hungry.

Just trust me. This is one time when the excuse “everyone else is doing it” is 100% valid.

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