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September 12th Uncategorized

10 Crucial Social Media Marketing Stats for 2016 and Beyond

SMM is just posting stuff on Facebook every once in a while, right?

Just when you thought you had a handle on this whole social media marketing thing, SMM starts growing out of control like that house party you threw during senior year that started off as “just a few friends” and ended up with a police report and some unnecessarily high bail.

Just me? Anyone?

As we head into the twilight years of the 2010s, social media marketing is a major force to be reckoned with and that trend doesn’t show signs of stopping. Here are ten powerful stats you can’t ignore if your business relies on SMM for leads and sales.

1. Between 2015 and 2016, digital technology and media activity shot up by 25.

Wait, what? Isn’t every business online already?

Far from it. You’d be incredibly surprised by how many businesses still haven’t took a dive into uncertain online waters—and how many new businesses are popping up every year that need to carve out their own digital existence.

This is happening all over the country, we’ve run campaigns doing digital marketing in san diego, denver email marketing, SEO in Irvine CA, Inbound marketing in Utah and so forth. We’ve done work all over the country and 9/10 times we work with a new small to medium sized business have essentially zero online presence. It is still very much the wild west out here.

2. Analysts in 2015 predicted increased spending on social ads of more than 33%.

The United States and other western countries are might form the bulk of social media users, but that stat is changing rapidly as more countries climb the economical ladder and places like China, India and Brazil add massive numbers of citizens to an exploding middle class.

More people means more business, and more business means more social ads.

3. A quarter of people who view social ads will continue to that company’s site or brick and mortar store.

Even though options like Adblock allow web browsers to virtually eliminate many online ads, social media ads are still killing it when it comes to lead generation and conversion. Nearly 20% of people who view online ads eventually convert to become bona fide customers.

4. Major global events tend to clutter social media channels and make ads less visible.

Well, unless you play it smart. By hijacking trending news stories (in 2016, you could see companies do exactly that with major events like the Olympics and the US presidential election), you can ride in the wake of stories with massive appeal to give your own marketing efforts a major boost on social media platforms.

5. Instagram is blowing up.

Marketers predicted Instagram would grow immensely last year, and the platform didn’t disappoint. Roughly half of businesses with 100 or more employees now boast a company Instagram account (of varying quality), mainly because Instagram has begun adopting some of the same powerful ad-building abilities as its more popular cousin, Facebook.

6. Social media marketing is just cheap.

ROI is a big deal around here, and it’s no wonder why. Investing a little and getting back a lot is a surefire recipe for success, and why so many businesses rank social media marketing as such a cost-effective channel compared to other avenues. Social media marketing allows fine-tuned targeting of specific buyer personas at a far lower cost than many companies realize.

7. Native ads are kind of a big deal.

Native ads blend in with content your reader is already browsing, making the reading process far less disruptive and less “sales-y” than banner ads or pop-ups. As our finest ad scientists continue to push the limits of known marketing, expect to see native ads feature heavily in online marketing as we move forward.

8. For every hour users spend on social media, 36 minutes comes from mobile devices.

The past few years has seen a titanic shift from computers as the main vehicle for web browsing to mobile devices, and it’s not clear how far the pendulum will keep swinging. As marketers continue to pump cash into ad campaigns that deliver across all devices, mobile spending is going to eat up a substantial portion of the pie.

9. Visual social platforms are becoming the next big thing.

With the rise of Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat and others, it’s clear that seeing is believing. Visuals offer a level of authenticity in advertising that no amount of words can replicate.

10. More than 90% of marketing agencies plan on running Facebook video ads.

Amazingly, Facebook video ads have surpassed YouTube in terms of advertising interest. And while planning doesn’t always correlate with doing, it’s incredible that so many firms are taking interest in a platform that was barely on the radar just a few years ago. Twitter is still valuable, keeping track of whats trending on twitter now can be a valuable tool to take advantage of trends for your benifit.

It’s virtually impossible to predict how the social media world will shake out in the next few years, but one thing is for certain—building authentic, lasting relationships with your customers is vital to your success which is why have a “How to Win friends and Influence People” summary because the tactings in that legendary book are timless. Social media marketing offers one of the best ways to do exactly that.


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